Student Advantage, LLC is a leading integrated media and commerce company focused on the higher education market. Student Advantage works with hundreds of colleges, universities and campus organizations, and thousands of discount locations nationwide to develop products and services enabling students to make purchases less expensively around campus, across the country, and online. The Company reaches its consumer base offline through the Student Advantage Discount Card and through its website, Student Advantage is a wholly owned subsidiary of The CBORD Group, Inc.
Shawn McCarthy
Managing Director, Wide Area Commerce Solutions
As Vice President of Wide Area Commerce Solutions, Shawn leads CBORD's efforts in providing its campus card system customers with a wide range of solutions to bring their student debit card programs to off-campus merchants.

Before joining CBORD, Shawn held the position of Director of Business Development at Wright Express, a leading provider of payment processing and information management services to the U.S. commercial and government vehicle fleet industry.
Phil Mazarakis
Director of IT, Boston
Phil has more than 15 years of technology experience working in a wide variety of environments. This experience includes working for Fortune 500 companies like ADP and Smith Barney, in addition to working for the Federal Transportation Board and several startup enterprises. When not working with Student Advantage's web applications and servers, he likes to travel with his family and do a host of geeky tech things.
Sami Takieddine
Director of Operations, Atlanta
Sami has been with Student Advantage since being a student himself. Over the past 7+ years he has filled a variety of roles: Campus Manager, Community Manager, Merchant Sales and Client Relationship Manager to name a few. As the Director of Operations for CBORD's Off-Campus Commerce division, he works with both the Student Advantage and UGryd products and the customer service and account management teams. Prior to joining Student Advantage, Sami taught English in Japan. Sami holds a BA and MBA from Emory University in Atlanta, the city where he currently resides.