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The Student Advantage Card
What is the Student Advantage Card?
What are the benefits of the Card?
Where can I save with the Card?
What types of Cards are available?

Purchasing or Redeeming the Card
Who is eligible to purchase the Card?
Where can I purchase the Card?
How much does the Card cost?
Why purchase a Co-brand Card?
Why purchase a Special Edition Card?
I purchased my Card at a Greyhound Station.
I purchased my Card through Cultural Care Au Pair.

University ID Cards
Once I complete enrollment, where do I go to pick up
my ID card with Student Advantage?

Where do I go to pick up my new ID card with
Student Advantage if I already have an ID card?

How do I know Student Advantage has been
added to my ID card?

Renewing the Card
How will I know that my Card is about to expire?
Where can I renew my Card?
What are the benefits of renewing my Card?
If I renew my Card can I still keep the same number?
How much does it cost to renew the Card?

Fundraising Programs
Does Student Advantage have fundraising programs?
How do fundraising programs work?
Who can sign up for fundraising programs?

Referral Programs
Does Student Advantage offer referral programs for Cardholders?
Does Student Advantage offer referral programs for non-Cardholders?
I have not received payment for Card sales.

Cardholder Issues
What if I never received my Card?
What if my Card is lost or stolen?
How can I access My Account?
How do I print my temporary Card?
How do I redeem my rebate?
What if I forgot my login/password?
How do I change my shipping address?
How do I subscribe to Student Advantage e-mails?
How do I unsubscribe from e-mails?
What if I cannot view Student Advantage e-mails?
What if I have trouble using search?

Activating the Card
How do I activate my Card?
How can I tell if my Card has been activated?
Why do I need to activate my Card?
What if I'm having problems activating my Card?

Merchant Issues
What if a merchant is not accepting the Card?
Can I add merchants to the discount program?
What if I am having trouble with an online discount?
I am a business interested in offering a discount to
Student Advantage Cardholders.

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