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Start Saving at MSOE with the new Student Advantage mobile app!

Student Advantage™, with its super-convenient My Deals mobile app, brings hundreds of dollars in savings to your fingertips at places where you shop every day. With categories ranging from food, shopping, and movie & game rentals to big-ticket items like automobile services, vacation, and travel.

Get Student Advantage Now!

For only $30, Student Advantage gives you a full year of savings, including:

  • 10% OFF Greyhound fares
  • A Mobile App for easy discount redemption
  • Local Discounts around MSOE
  • $100 worth of Travel Credits towards a hotel stay at over 400,000 hotels worldwide
  • Additional 350,000 new discounts nationwide - dining, shopping, movies, entertainment, and more!
  • Parents now have access to all Student Advantage Mobile's savings and benefits!
Get Student Advantage Now!

Student Advantage Makes Saving Easy



  • Weekly deals sent right to you
  • Exclusive limited time specials



  • Shop online 24/7
  • Save on your favorite website


Local Stores

  • Save around your campus
  • Deals with local food spots


Your Wallet

  • More money stays in your pocket
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