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Get Student Advantage:  Your passport to savings while traveling or studying in the USA!

Student Advantage™, with its super-convenient My Deals mobile app, brings hundreds of dollars in savings to your fingertips at places where you shop every day, all over the USA!  With categories ranging from food, shopping, and movie & game rentals to big-ticket items like automobile services, vacation, and travel.

Get Student Advantage Now!

For only $30, Student Advantage gives you a full year of savings, including:

  • 10% OFF nationwide Greyhound Bus fares 
  • A Mobile App for easy discount redemption
  • Local Discounts all over the USA!
  • $100 worth of Travel Credits towards a hotel stay at over 700,000 hotels worldwide
  • Additional 350,000 new discounts nationwide - dining, shopping, movies, entertainment, and more!
  • Parents now have access to all Student Advantage Mobile's savings and benefits!
  • With Student Advantage there will be:
    • No cards to carry!
    • No coupons to print!
    • No waiting for rebates!
    • Instant savings!
Get Student Advantage Now!

Student Advantage Makes Saving Easy



  • Weekly deals sent right to you
  • Exclusive limited time specials



  • Shop online 24/7
  • Save on your favorite website


Local Stores

  • Save around your campus
  • Deals with local food spots


Your Wallet

  • More money stays in your pocket
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