University of San Diego has partnered with Student Advantage to provide you with a valuable discount service you can now add to your Torero Card. While you are required to carry your Torero Card on campus at all times, providing access to various campus facilities and services, you can also get exclusive discounts of up to 40% on everyday purchases at favorite eateries, online stores and national chains. You can even save 20% on Greyhound fares and 25% on Lenovo PCs!
Get four years of Student Advantage added to your Torero Card for only $45! Please complete the information below to begin the order process. All fields are required unless otherwise noted.
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By entering my information and clicking 'Add to ID', I have read and agree to the Cardholder Agreement. By adding Student Advantage to my Torero Card, I authorize University of San Diego to release my name, graduation date, permanent and local address, Student number and e-mail to Student Advantage.

Please Note: There is no limit to the savings you can claim using your Student Advantage Card.
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